I have had the opportunity to work with Carolyn as both a classmate in the Touched by A Horse Certification Program and as an attendee in her Equine Connection Workshop. Carolyn is a warm and caring person who is always concerned with giving her client whatever they need both physically and emotionally. In my experiences with her she has always been extremely honest, supportive and present for me. Her genuineness has endeared her to me as one of my closest friends. I highly recommend her for your coaching needs.

- Lisa (NC)

A great day to come together with people of very different backgrounds and experiences. Together, we explored the ways in which we connect with our spiritual selves and how horses help us make those connections. Thank you for this opportunity.

- Monica (VA)

My experience at the Women’s Virginia Retreat was truly life changing. Immediately after arriving (at Bellamy Farms), I was enveloped into a sanctuary of peace with canopied trees, breathtaking views, and magnificent horses. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it had been a long time since I had put aside time for myself, just me. I knew upon entering such an enchanted space, it was going to be a powerful experience in self-discovery. What I wasn’t prepared for was the level of healing, bountiful insights, and heartfelt friendships that developed as a result of this God directed experience. Carolyn Fitzpatrick has a unique ability to nurture the heart of a woman, through her gifted understanding of both horses and people. Carolyn creates an environment of unconditional acceptance and high quality (equine gestalt) coaching, which gently guides clients to discover self-healing and improvement in life relationships. Her process ultimately assists with developing a clear vision for life purpose, and pathway choices.

- Caroline (VA)

Carolyn is a woman of true wisdom and her horses and the farm are a delight to the senses.

- Sally (VA)

I never would have thought that I could learn so much about myself as I did during my session with Carolyn and Honey. I was walking around the round pen finishing sentences that Carolyn had given me to finish when all of a sudden I realized why I had made so many decisions in the past that had not served me well. This was a life altering moment and I will forever be grateful for this experience. I can now make decisions based on what I think and not what others have told me to think.

- Jessica (FL)