Meet our Horses

HyTones Montego Bay (Monte) DOB 5/10/98

Monte is a tri-colored registered Spotted Saddle mare that is extremely opinionated and anxious at times. Monte has been a mother to two beautiful fillies, one of which is “Chari”. She has personally experienced grief and loss as a mother when she lost her first offspring. Monte has been very slow to develop trust with humans or her herd mates and her trust can vanished with the smallest of infractions. She is often a loner in her field and is very clear if she doesn’t want a particular horse next to her when she is in her stall. She chooses who she works with and what she is willing to do with positive enthusiasm on any given day.

BF Cheyenne Mountain Melody (Melody) DOB 6/10/10

Melody is a chocolate Rocky Mountain Filly with a flaxen mane and tail. She is quite the looker and most that come to the farm spot her first. Melody had a lot of quiet strength and is quick to learn. She easily trusts humans and other horses. Often we quietly observe how she operates within and views her world. She is an inspiration and a role model for others.



Meet Miley Marcum (Miley) DOB 3/12/07

Congratulations Linda Strite in CO on your purchase of Miley.

Miley is a chocolate, registered Rocky Mountain Mare with a flaxen mane. She is an even-tempered, quiet mare. We expect her to be a loving mother that encourages her young one to be social and inquisitive like herself. Miley exhibits her even-temper, loving and quiet ways when partnering with the coach.



Julia’s Jade (Jade) DOB 1997 is now living in Kentucky

Jade is a chestnut Paso Fino and Rocky Mountain Mare Pony that belongs to my granddaughter, Julia. Julia is quite the horse lover and enthusiastic rider. They are truly a good match for each other since both have an amazing amount of energy to go along with lots of stamina and heart. Jade expresses her enthusiasm for life with gusto but is gentle and soft when Julia is around her on the ground. Jade appreciates the love and care she gets from her mistress, Julia, and shows her appreciation during grooming with soft, half-closed eyes.


Levi’s My Man (Levi) DOB 5/9/06

Congratulations Susan Colbert of MD on your purchase of Levi!

Levi is a loving, black, doubled registered Mountain Pleasure and Kentucky Mountain Pleasure gelding. He is very athletic but has little confidence in his own abilities. Levi has had to overcome the ongoing obstacles of lack of confidence and fear most of his life. He has found the strength within him to step into his own power. Levi thrives upon a one-on-one relationship with someone that he has developed a great deal of trust with over time.

Stan’s Miss Belle (Belle) DOB 4/12/02

Congratulations Santana Hahn of MD on your purchase of Belle!

Belle is a sparking black and white, doubled-registered Tennessee Walking and Spotted Saddle mare. She is a splendid mother and a very comfortable riding mount. She possesses a nice balance between love, trust, strength and determination. She can be a leader or a follower.



Smokey’s Girl (Smokey Girl) DOB 5/01/03 is now living in Oklahoma

Smokey Girl is a chocolate Rocky Mountain mare. She has been an exemplary mother for three beautiful colts. She nurtures her babies and then encourages them to become individuals as they grow older allowing them to have adventures and make mistakes. Smokey Girl has great social skills and often seems to be the mediator in the field. She has a very sweet, even temperament and is very secure in her own womanhood.



Green Farm Proud Mary (Mary) DOB 5/31/03

Congratulations Darlene Henson in VA on your purchase of Mary!

Mary is a black registered Rocky Mountain Mare that has an awesome love capacity for others. She will be a mother for the first time in the spring of 2013. The dad of this awesome future Rocky is C.D.’s Gambler. She is a kind, gentle and self-confident mare that will exhibit boundaries. She is very gentle with young children. Mary is loving and supportive of those that need understanding and easily offers support and acceptance to those she is working with in sessions.


IN MEMORIAM: BAF Misddi’s Itar (Itar) 1979-2016

Itar is a grey, registered Half-Arabian gelding that fills our heart every day as we share life with him in retirement. He has been with us since his birth when my daughter was five years old. He has taught my daughter, granddaughters and many others how to ride. During this process, he also taught them many of life’s lessons that I will forever be grateful. Lessons such as patience, understanding, kindness, forgiveness, joy, freedom, friendship and love were just a few that he made sure each one understood. Itar has a lot of wisdom and reminds us every day that “being present with others is important.”


IN Memoriam: My Delightful Honey (Honey) 2002-2015

Honey is a black Tennessee Walking mare that came to live with us in 2012 after the death of her previous owner. She is a quiet mare with a huge capacity to provide love and support to others. Many clients have been drawn towards Honey so they can experience her love firsthand. She is co-owned in partnership with Touched by a Horse (Melisa Pearce) and Bellamy Farms (Carolyn Fitzpatrick).

In MEMORIAM: BF Monte’s Charisma (Chari) 2011-2017

Chari is a tri-colored registered Spotted Saddle Filly. She was born with medical conditions that made us realize the likelihood of her having a short life span was very real. She shows us every day “to be aware of the here and now” and make the most of it without becoming anxious about what tomorrow may bring your way. Chari craves attention and becomes somewhat worrisome if she doesn’t get as much as she feels is warranted. She has always been very trusting and exhibits real authenticity.