Corporate Workshops

Horses know about leadership and teamwork. They read energy and intention. They are aware of the reality of what is going on and the energetic state of everything around them. They have used these skills to stay alive since creation, and, unlike other domesticated animals, they have retained these traits through the centuries. Unlike humans, all of their senses have remained sharp rather than some becoming dull with over-reliance on a few senses. Imagine using this knowledge to assist you in:

• Developing new awareness in your managers
• Recognizing the unique skills of team members
• Finding a whole new level of collaboration
• Learning effective problem-solving strategies
• Recognizing unhealthy patterns of behavior
• Creating healthy alternatives
• Developing a sense of responsibility for decisions
• Learning your patterns of relationships
• Developing conflict resolution skills
• Sharing and being supported by others

After working with the horses, participants leaving with a clear vision of their contributions and their co-workers — and that makes a more effective and productive team back at the office.


Face to face communication is taking a backseat to email, texting and social media. Research shows that 90% of communication occurs non-verbally, leaving only 10% verbal or written. With statistics like this, it is no wonder that our messages get lost in translation. Our coach and handlers with their horse partners will lead participants through focused activities and discussions designed to heighten awareness of how they communicate, develop clear and consistent communication behaviors and learn how to communicate more effectively and efficiently.


In a herd of horses, the stallion can make the difference between life and death. In a company, your choice of leaders can make the difference between “good enough” and “exceptional”. Exceptional leaders guide exceptional teams to create and maintain an exceptional organization. Choosing the right leader is essential to a horse’s existence. Because of this, they immediately recognize and acknowledge true leadership. Titles, organizational levels and seniority mean nothing to a horse. Intent, energy, self-assurance and decisiveness mean everything. Our horses recognize leaders and reveal their strengths and weaknesses within your team. Your team will learn how small adjustments in behavior, body language and awareness can make all the difference in their ability to manage and motivate those who work with them.


Trust, Communication, Relationship, Recognition… all of these are facets of a highly functional team. Yet, today’s teams are usually working under pressure to meet deadlines and produce results. This leaves little time to stop, breathe, recognize your teammates and become aware of their state. But it has been well documented that all of these qualities are required to keep a team motivated and functional. It is very interesting to watch a herd of wild horses. They are a highly functional team. Their mission is to “to stay alive.” They effectively communicate exactly what is needed to accomplish this mission. Through a series of challenges with our horses, your team will quickly recognize what works and what doesn’t work with the team.

Let’s get started

Prices start at $2,500 for a full-day retreat. We realize that one size does not fit all. For this reason, we tailor our retreats to your needs and specifically for your company. All activities are designed to tap into your participants’ creative juices and simulate real work scenarios. The lessons transfer easily to your work environment. Your group can come to our farm or we can come to a location near you. Please contact us for a quote.