Creating Trust-Based partnerships for horses and those who love them.

I want to help you develop your horsemanship skills by sharing what I have collectively learned over the past thirty years. My cooperative learning process combines natural horsemanship techniques, the language of equus, the use of energies, horse typologies, and the use of obstacles to raise your knowledge to a much higher level. Cooperative learning literally means you will learn how to speak with your horse and how to interpret your horse’s language for a trust-based partnership.

I have spent the majority of my life studying and working with horses. I teach my methodologies in person to beginners, experienced equine professionals and all those in-between. Nothing is more rewarding (and fun) than to see your horse develop new skills right before your eyes. And nothing is more satisfying than knowing you are the one that dedicated the time to communicate with your horse in the language of equus.

Benefit from Services

The Equine Trust-Based Partnership Cooperative Training Method is a great confidence builder for those who might feel less than comfortable in the saddle and provides a lightness and balanced way of communicating using varied obstacles for the veteran rider.


What to Expect

Trust-Based Partnership Training Methods are comprised of the rider’s:

  • perceptions and identifications of the horse’s learning and social typologies
  • greater understanding of the horse’s natural tendencies and behaviors
  • improved abilities to compassionately and effectively communicate with the horse
  • consistent applications of groundwork foundations
  • authentic and ongoing evaluations of the rider’s and horse’s skills and abilities
  • graded training for optimum progress and success
  • understanding that force is not communicating, it is dictatorship
  • awareness that communication is a two-way conversation
  • realization that a relationship develops over time with earned respect and trust
  • belief that a partnership benefits both the horse and the horse owner
  • desire to move in harmony with the horse

By Using the Equine Trust-Based Partnership Methods: 

  • You will become proficient at observing the use of body language and the detection of energy. This skill alone will set you above those of the average horse owner or trainer.
  • You will learn how to use obstacles to build the trust-based partnership you have always wanted with your horse
  • You will be coached on how to identify what motivates your horse and how you can use this knowledge to bring out the best in both of you
  • You will learn to identify your horse’s distinct personality (typology) in order to communicate more effectively
  • You will learn to evaluate your horses strengths and challenges
  • You will be exposed to how a natural horseman solves behavioral problems
  • You will gain confidence in place of fear
  • You will become more aware of how your energy affects your horse’s mood
  • You will have a greater understanding of how the horse can become an extension of your body
  • You will obtain a true connection with your horse that enriches your life and other relationships

What To Do Next…

Check out our Riding Events Page to plan your next adventure with your horse. If you would like to host an event at your facility, contact Carolyn for more details.

As an inexperienced rider, I did not know what to expect at Carolyn’s Riding Clinic. I just knew that I needed help connecting with my horse, Ruby. Carolyn had obstacles set up in her outdoor ring that we each went thru one at a time. Her one-on-one help was exactly what I needed to learn to trust my horse and increase my confidence. Thanks.

- Sue (NC)